Publicity Requirements of Beneficiaries  

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According to Regulation 1828/2006 of 8 December 2006, the beneficiaries’ responsibilities regarding the information and publicity measures for the public are:

  • The beneficiary is responsible for informing the public, through the measures set out in paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 regarding the assistance provided by the Funds.
  • The beneficiary shall display a permanent visible and sizeable explanatory sign, at the latest six months after the completion of the act, that satisfies the following conditions:
    • total public contribution exceeds € 500,000
    • the acts concern the purchase of a physical (tangible) object or the funding of infrastructure or construction projects.

The sign shall indicate the type and name of the act, along with the elements specified in Article 9. That information shall cover at least 25% of the sign.

  • During the implementation of the act, the beneficiary shall display an advertising sign at the site of each act that satisfies the following conditions:
    • total public expenditure exceeding € 500,000
    • the act concerns the funding of infrastructure or construction projects.

The information referred to in Article 9 shall cover at least 25% of the sign.

After the completion of the act the permanent explanatory sign, as referred in paragraph 2 shall replace the sign.

  • When the act is funded under an operational programme co-financed by the ESF, and, as appropriate, when the act.
  • Is funded by the ERDF or the Cohesion Fund, the beneficiary shall ensure that those involved in the act are aware of this funding.

The beneficiary shall clearly indicate that the implemented act was selected within the framework of an operational programme co-funded by the ESF, the ERDF or the Cohesion Fund.

All documents concerning the act, including attendance records or other certificates, shall include a statement that the operational programme was funded by the ESF, or where appropriate, the ERDF or the Cohesion Fund.
In addition, all information and publicity measures aimed at beneficiaries, potential beneficiaries and the public shall include:

  • the emblem of the European Union, according to the graphic presentation standards set out in Annex I of Regulation 1828/2006, and a reference to the European Union
  • a reference to the relevant Fund:
    1. for the ERDF: “European Regional Development Fund”
    2. for the Cohesion Fund: “Cohesion Fund”
    3. for the ESF: “European Social Fund”.
  • a message selected by the managing authority, which presents the added value of the Community intervention, preferably as follows: “Investing in your future”.

Items 2 and 3 do not apply to small advertising elements.

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