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The Operational Programme “Macedonia – Thrace 2007-2013” was elaborated within the frame of National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) for the programming period 2007-2013.

It represents one of the five (5) Regional Operational Programmes, which, together with the eight (8) Sectoral Programmes and the twelve (12) European Territorial Cooperation Programmes make up ESPA 2007-2013.

The Operational Programme “Macedonia – Thrace” deploys its developmental interventions in one specific territorial section.  This territorial section consists of three Administrative Regions.  There are two Administrative Regions, Central and Western Macedonia, which are the phasing out Regions and Eastern Macedonia which represents the Convergence Region. 

That creates a differentiation as to the financing potentials of the two Regions, according to the regulations of the 4th programming period.  Central and Western Macedonia are financing all development interventions through the specific “Macedonia – Thrace 2007 – 2013” programme and have the possibility to be financed only through the Cohesion Fund, while the Region of Eastern Macedonia is financed through the specific “Macedonia – Thrace 2007 – 2013” programme, but also through the sectoral programmes developed in the country as a whole. 

ROP "Macedonia - Thrace" was approved by No. Ε (2007) 5337 26-10-2007 CCI 2007 GR 161 PO 008 decision of the European Commission.

All Ministerial Decisions on the establishment and amendment of the Managing Authorities, Intermediate Managing Authorities have been issued while the competencies of the intermediate managing bodies have been defined.

The procedures enacting the basic rules of the administration and control system of the Operational Programmes, have aslo been completed. 

The development vision of the territorial section for this programming period is “the creation of a viable, competitive regional economy with intensely extrovert orientation and internal financial, social, territorial and administrative cohesion.” 

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